Henrik SCHARFE STRATEGIST, SPEAKER, CEO, GLOBAL THINKER MORE SOME HIGHLIGHTS AUTONOMOUS CATALYTIC INNOVATION BACK TO HIGHLIGHTS I am founder and CEO of Foundation Autonomous, an independant organisation devoted to societal change through autonomous technology.
- Funding: 35 times initial investment
- 300+ innovation try-outs
- 45 companies in Digital Transformation
- DT roadmaps for public and private enterprises
AUTONOMOUS DRIVING NOW BACK TO HIGHLIGHTS Autonomous Vehicles are among the most anticipated technologies of our time. I decided to bring them to Denmark. In-depth analysis proved positive business cases and significant catalytic potential. But although we managed to change the legislative framework, regulation is still moving very slowly. KEYNOTES EVERYWHERE I have had the privilege to engage audiences across the world. Appearances include India, Costa Rica, Peru, China, USA, and many other countries including most of Europe. I have also spoken at TED, TEDActive and 5 times TEDx. REQUEST A KEYNOTE HUMAN & ANDROID Posing a question This photo was shot by Hen Herman for Euroman. Besides the obvious questions posed by this picture, it begs the question: Will robots inevitably carry us? I wonder. BACK TO HIGHLIGHTS TIME100 TIME MAGAZINE BACK TO OVERVIEW In 2012, TIME Magazine listed me among the 100 most influential people in the world. The work with GEMINOID-DK caught the attention of the world. Because of that project, millions of people now think differently about robots.

Photo by Joachim Ladefoged for Time
FRANKENSTEIN SYNDROME? ANDROID RELATIONS There is a pronounced fear that we will succumb to our own inventions. And the risk is real. The best strategy for preventing this is to deeply remember what is means to be human. BACK TO HIGHLIGHTS CONDENSED BIO KEYNOTES + CONSULTING + STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT TECHNOLOGICAL ADVISEMENT M.A. & PhD in Information Science. Former Professor @ Aalborg U. Founder of Center for Computer-mediated Epistemology. Co-founder of Aalborg U Robotics. Founder and CEO of Foundation Autonomous. Original of Geminoid-DK. TED Speaker. Keynote speaker on 4 continents. TIME 100 honouree. Advisor to governments on robot matters. CONTACT GET IN TOUCH