True digital transformation is among the most difficult enterprise endeavors you can undertake. Decades of digitalization have often led to fragmented businesses. 

Integrating ways of work with value-enhancing data streams takes a lot of work. To make enterprise architecture and business architecture work hand in hand, a deep understanding of digital principles must be applied to the business strategy. Too often this step is neglected in favor of short-term gains.

My methods and models are supported by extensive research and proven through practical work in more than 50 companies. They are also compatible with the most common high-level frameworks.


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Headed for the Future

Since Working with data and business architecture every day, my work is situated right where cutting-edge science and global thinking come together

Since 2010 I have had a long list of meetings with cabinet ministers, high-level officials, C-suite business leaders, world-leading media, and – equally important – eye-to-eye meetings with thousands of citizens from many countries on four continents. That puts me in a unique position when it comes to understanding how people think about robots and behave around them – and how to engage in data-driven transformation.

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