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Several things must come together to ensure a successful event. Careful planning and attention to detail are key elements in this process. The most important issues to be settled are:

  • Alignment of vision for the event
  • Matching message and audience
  • Technical and financial matters

In that order 🙂

Typical Topics


Tha Android Society

We are moving towards The Android Society. A society where humans and robots work, live, and play together. Learn about the fascinating insights into the foundations and implications behind these ideas.

Machines that appear to Think

The rise of AI raises a lot of questions and is grounds for plenty of confusion.

The key to clarity? Understand the difference between organic and synthetic intelligence, and act accordingly.

Living with 2 Bodies

Building a robotic copy of oneself is a game changer. Collating anecdotes and reactions from around the world provides insights into a possible future filled with androids.

Human – Robot – Data

Studying both humanity and roboticy delivers some mind-boggling answers to the question of our technological future. Prepare to rethink.


Speaking at TED is an extraordinairy experience. I’ve have had the pleasure of speaking at:

TED 2012, Long Beach
TEDActive, Palm Springs


A growing global audience is interested in the thoughts and ideas concerning the impending tech society. Especially the concerns related to the Android Society stir the audience. Examples of past events include:

Innovation Summit. Bucharest
World Convention on Autonomous Vehicles, Dubai
UnLeash, Amsterdam
India Today Conclave, Delhi
Banco National, San Jose, Costa Rica
ExpoTic, Lima, Peru
Ypsilon Institute Ljublijana Slovenia 2013


Academic keynotes do not differ in scope and foundation but place more emphasis on theory and strictly empirical data. Previous settings include:

Ethics in Data and Robots
Data Capture and other requirements
AI & the Future of Work