Frankenstein Redux

In robotics, a recurring theme is the notion of the ‘Frankenstein Syndrome’. Loosely based on the Mary Shelley’s novel, the Frankenstein Syndrom denotes fear of dealing with the consequences of our own creations.

We did a photo shoot for Bullitt Magazine with brilliant Danish Photographer Henrik Sørensen, and I wanted to explore the Frankenstein theme in a couple of new ways. For the background, we choose a castle from North Jutland. We were standing just outside the moat, wearing beautiful garments by my long-term stylist Peter Bonnen.

In Shelley’s work, the monster created my Dr Frankenstein is partly motivated by the desire of revenge, but equally important by the desire to find a companion. Scorned by men for his hideous appearance, he urges Frankenstein to build one more creature. Frankenstein refuses leaving his creation to live in solitude.

Fun fact: In prepping for the shoot I went to our chemistry department and asked if I could borrow some equipment to set the scene of the mad scientist. Their solution was to send a chemist with a truck load of lab equipment.

Less fun fact: On the day of the shoot I had an accident with an overheated car engine resulting in a painfull  scalding of my right forearm. As a result, some of the pictures ended up a little more casual than the original plan.