Psychedelic Chips – the meditating android

By way of invitation from Sofia Burchard and Plamen Bontchev we took part in their exhibition Psychedelic Chips at TOVES Gallery, Copenhagen. Their vision for the Geminoid was an installation where the android would be meditating while looking at a computer screen with blow ups of computer chips. The work is reminiscent of Nam June Paik’s ‘Something Pacific’, where a Buddha statue is facing its own image on a CC TV.

The computer in use was a replica of the first Nangi computer in the Himalayas, hand built but functioning. The Deepak Chopra quote in the side of the wooden computer case inspired the sound bite below.

I programmed a special set of idle states for the robot. As you can see in the video, the movements are very subtle. Each 10 minutes or so the robot would look up and check out who was in the room.